Poland – Ukraine Response 2022 – Crossing to Ukraine - End of Year Fact Sheet (12 April – 31 December 2022)

24 Jan 2023 Poland Download

A total of 8.19 million crossings from Ukraine to Poland were recorded at border crossing points (BCPs) since 24 February 2022 according to Polish Border Guard data from 13 December. IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) conducted surveys with Ukrainian nationals before they crossed back to Ukraine from three border crossing points in Poland. This report provides an overview of key trends based on the 8,664 surveys that were conducted between 12 April and 31 December 2022 to assess the profiles, needs and intentions of refugees from Ukraine crossing from Poland back into Ukraine. Individuals crossing into Ukraine are not necessarily returnees and conclusions on definitive trends cannot be drawn. The sample is not representative of all persons crossing into Ukraine, results should hence only be considered as indicative.


DTM Europe, DTMMediterranean@iom.int