Philippines — Mindanao Earthquakes — Situation Report - Round 3 — Report 4 (November 2019)

05 Dec 2019 Philippines Round 3 English Download

Three major earthquakes hit North Cotabato on 16, 29 and 31 October 2019, at 6.3, 6.6 and 6.5 magnitudes, respectively. According to the latest DSWD-DROMIC report (Report # 29), 66,811 families or 326,816 persons have been affected and 38,739 houses are damaged (23,321 totally destroyed and 15,461 partially damaged). 21,943 families or 105,591 persons are displaced. 77 DSWD-listed IDP sites host 9,941 families or 45,816 persons and 12,002 families or 59,775 persons are otherwise displaced.

The fourth week since the beginning of the emergency has seen more aftershocks as well as heavy rain. The latter further highlights the necessity of upgrading the deteriorating shelters made from the plastic sheeting initially distributed to minimize the IDPs’ exposure to the elements as well as improving site lay-out and planning to design and locate shelters and site facilities with long-term displacement in mind.



Site Assessment