Pakistan — Flow Monitoring of Undocumented Afghan Returnees from Pakistan (12—18 February 2017)

19 Feb 2017 Pakistan Download


During the week of 12-18 February 2017, a total of 734 (154 families) undocumented Afghans returned from Pakistan through the Torkham border.

  • Movement trends for the reporting period indicate: ​

    • Of the total, 66% individuals returned from district Peshawar and 7% returned from Khyber Agency in FATA.

    • Approximately 82% individuals intended to return to Nangarhar, 10% to Laghman and 8% to Kabul in Afghanistan.

 Additionally, the infographic provides an overview of population movement based on a sample of 507 interviews conducted between 15 January to 18 February 2017.


 The Torkham border was closed for movements by the Pakistani government on 17th February 2017. Subsequent updates will follow as the security situation improves and the border is opened.


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