Pakistan – Flow Monitoring of Undocumented Afghan Migrants: Comparison Report 2018/2019

27 Aug 2020 Pakistan Download

Since 2017, DTM Pakistan has collected data on return movements of undocumented Afghan returnees from Pakistan at two official border points (Torkham and Chaman/Spin Boldak) between the two countries. The data collected by DTM Pakistan in the past two years (2018 and 2019) was used to develop a comparison report in which data collected in 2018 was compared to data collected in 2019. This comparison enabled the DTM team to uncover specific trends regarding the flows, volumes, profiles and vulnerabilities of undocumented Afghan nationals returning from Pakistan. One key finding was that the number of return movements of Afghan nationals was significantly lower in 2019 (17,286) than in 2018 (30,413). Another key finding is related to the settlement priorities of Afghan returnees. Both in 2018 and 2019, Afghan returnees indicated that finding income opportunities, together with resettling in a new city and arranging for shelter were their most significant settlement priorities.



DTM REMAP Support Team,


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