Pakistan – CMFS: Profile Of Afghan Potential Migrants in Pakistan 2016

02 Nov 2020 Pakistan Download

This report is based on data collected through DTM’s Comprehensive Migration Flow Survey (CMFS) is based on the collection of primary data, which provides information on migration flows towards Europe from Afghanistan whilst focusing on eight thematic areas: (1) migrant profiles, (2) migration routes and trajectories (3) resourcing the journey, (4) the role of intermediaries, (5) vulnerability factors in origin, transit and destination countries, (6) migration drivers and decision making, (7) role of the diaspora, and (8) migrants' perceptions towards Europe.

The data DTM collected under the CMFS in 2016 among Afghan migrants included six target populations: Afghan potential migrants in Afghanistan, Afghan potential migrants in Pakistan, Afghan migrants in transit, Afghan migrants in final destinations, Afghan households who stay-behind (households with a migrant journeying to or currently in Europe) and Afghan returnees.

Due to the nature of the target population groups, respondents for these surveys were sampled using basic random sampling in combination with snowball sampling in main target locations. The sample sizes of Afghan respondents were as follows: a) Potential migrants in Afghanistan: 958 respondents, b) Potential migrants in Pakistan: 294 respondents, c) Afghan migrants in transit countries: 1,890 respondents d) Afghan migrants in final destination countries: 623 respondents e) Stay-behind in Afghanistan: 982 respondents, f) Returnees in Afghanistan: 264 respondents. To best identify the target population and develop a more robust interviewee-interviewer relationship, the data collectors who conducted the surveys spoke the same language of the respondents.


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