Nigeria — CMFS Brief: Nigerian Migrants (to Europe)

17 May 2019 Nigeria Download

This report presents the main findings extrapolated from the analysis of data relating to the characteristics and experiences of Nigerian migrants before, in, on their way to, or upon return from Europe. The data was collected within the framework of IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). Specifically, the present analysis focused on six thematic areas: (1) socio-demographic profiles of migrants; (2) migration drivers and decision-making; (3) migrant challenges and related vulnerabilities in origin, transit, and destination countries; (4) the role of intermediaries; (5) migrants’ perceptions of Europe; as well as (6) migrants’ choices and options. These thematic areas were investigated at different stages of the migration journey of Nigerian migrants and in different country contexts: in Nigeria before migration, in transit countries (Niger, Libya, Greece), in a destination country (the Netherlands), and in Nigeria upon return from Europe.


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