Mozambique — Movement Alert Report — 75 (14 November 2022)

17 Nov 2022 Mozambique Download

Fear of attacks and confirmed attacks by Non-State Armed Groups in Namuno district triggered 1,092 individual displacement movements from Namuno to Nipepe Sede (Niassa). All recorded movements represent individuals displaced for the first time.
Observed families arriving in Nipepe are hosted by relatives or friends within the locality. All arriving families do not know how long they intend to stay in Nipepe. Movements in the region continue to be dynamic between host communities.

The objective of the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) - Movement Alert is to collect information on large and sudden population movements, and to provide support to the humanitarian response partners by disseminating data on IDPs to support effective humanitarian response to the affected population. Information is collected through key informants interviews or direct observation. This dashboard provides basic information on displacements, and additional information can be shared upon request.