Mongolia – Rapid Assessment on Population, Migration and Needs across Ulaanbaatar City #1 (July 2022) – Songinokhairkhan District

01 Sep 2022 Mongolia Round 1 Download

This district-level report provides an overview of all of the key thematic areas covered by the March 2022 Ulaanbaatar city-wide rapid assessment on population, migration, and needs.

This report explores eight primary themes across Songinokhairkhan district: namely, population baseline figures, arrivals and departures (migration), employment, financial situation, challenges and security, services and infrastructure, parks and green areas, and children and education. Data is captured via key informant interviews with kheseg leaders, who have been chosen due to their in-depth knowledge of their communities, resources and local contacts.

For more information regarding the background of this study and the underlying reasons for investigation, please refer to the city-wide Ulaanbaatar report.