Madagascar – Baseline Mobility Assessment, Grand Sud (September 2022)

24 Nov 2022 Madagascar Download

The Grand Sud of Madagascar has been affected by consecutive droughts during the rainy seasons from 2019 to 2021. In 2021, 36% of the Grand Sud was classified as severe drought and 1% as extreme drought. Nearly 1.47 million people were severely food insecure (IPC 3+) and four districts – Amboasary Atsimo, Ambovombe Androy, Tsihombe and Ampanihy West – were in IPC Phase 4 (Emergency).

The results presented below are the result of evaluations conducted in September 2022 in 20 municipalities: Ambovombe (Ambanisarika, Maroalomainty, Maroalipoty, Marovato Befeno, Sihanamaro), Tsihombe (Anjapaly, Ankilivalo, Betanty, Imongy, Tsihombe, Amboasary Atsimo (Amboasary Atsimo, Behara, Ebelo, Ifotaka, Sampoana), Ampanihy Andrefana (Amboropotsy, Ampanihy Andrefana, Androka, Ankiliabo, Beahitse).


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