Libya — Migrant Report 42 (May - June 2022)

06 Sep 2022 Libya Round 42 Download

IOM Libya’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) programme identified a total of 667,440 migrants from over 41 nationalities in the 100 Libyan municipalities during Round 42 of data collection (May - June 2022).Data collected by DTM Libya continues to show an increase in the number of migrants in Libya compared to the previous reporting period (649,788 migrants, Round 41, April 2022) in line with a trend that started at the beginning of 2021. This increase also corresponds with the arrival of seasonal migrant workers in Libya (generally between March and May). The number of migrants in Libya identified during Round 42 is higher than for the corresponding period in 2021 (597,611 migrants, Round 37, June 2021) and slightly above that of 2019 (655,144 migrants, Round 26, July 2019).


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