Latvia — Displacement Surveys with Ukrainian Refugees and TCNs (01-29 July 2022)

15 Aug 2022 Latvia Download

Since 24 February 2022, an increasing number of refugees and third-country nationals (TCNs) entering Latvia has been registered as a result of the war in Ukraine. As of 29 July, 116,462 entries of Ukrainian nationals from Latvia’s external (non-EU) borders were reported by the Latvian Ministry of Interior. Also, a total of 35,730 have applied for temporary protection in the country so far. 

This report is based on a survey on displacement patterns, needs and intentions launched by IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM). All interviews were conducted face-to-face by IOM Latvia by trained enumerators with adult refugees and TCNs fleeing Ukraine. This report presents an analysis based on 265 surveys collected between 1 July and 29 July 2022.​


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