Iraq – Cross-Border Monitoring, Population Flow Overview, Travellers’ Profile and COVID-19 Awareness (September 2020)

18 May 2022 Iraq Download

DTM Iraq collects data at border crossing points with neighboring countries – the Islamic Republic of Iran (Iran), the Syrian Arab Republic (Syria) and Turkey – to better understand migration movements in the Middle East.

Cross-border monitoring is drawn from IOM’s DTM standard methodology, designed to capture and describe migration flows and is part of the Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy (REMAP) project, targeting Afghanistan, Bangladesh, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Iraq and Pakistan.

The report presents an overview of the overall movements of travellers observed at each of three monitored border crossing points during September 2020, their socio-demographic characteristics, and reasons for travel. It is also focused on their awareness of COVID-19 symptoms, prevention measures and risk factors.


DTM Iraq,