Iraq – CMFS: Modes of Travel and Migration Facilitators (2017)

30 Jul 2019 Iraq Download

This report was produced with the financial assistance of the European Union (EU) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Data was collected through DTM’s Comprehensive Migration Flows Surveys (CMFS) methodology that aims to enable a better understanding of migration flows from Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan and Somalia towards Europe, a collaborative effort by the DTM support team and relevant IOM field missions funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This report is part of the outputs under the EU-funded project “Regional Evidence for Migration Analysis and Policy (REMAP)”. The objective of DTM REMAP is to strengthen the evidence-based formulation and implementation of humanitarian and development policy and programming on migration and forced displacement in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq and Pakistan through the use of the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM).