The Gambia — Flow Monitoring Survey Report 11 (July 2022)

05 Oct 2022 The Gambia Round 11 Download

IOM, through the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) Flow Monitoring tool, collects data at key entry, exit and transit points to better understand population movements across West and Central Africa. The monitoring of population flows allows for the quantification and qualification mobility flows and trends, migrant profiles, and migratory experiences and routes. 

In The Gambia, DTM conducts Flow Monitoring activities at several important transit locations in: 


1) Barra(FMPs are located at the ferry terminal  and the main garage); 

2) Farafenni(FMPs are located at Farafenni main  garage, Farafenni Ballan-Ghar garage, Farafenni McCarthy and Sanjally  garage, Farafenni turntable garage and the truck garage); 

3) Basse(FMPs are  situated at the main garage and the bus station in Basse Santa-Su) and  

4) Brikama (FMPs are located at the main garage and the Bus station).


These activities enable DTM to monitor the movements of passengers within, out of and towards The Gambia as well as the movements of those passengers transiting The Gambia. This report presents the key results from the Flow Monitoring Survey conducted from the 1st to the 31st of July 2022 excluding weekends and national holiday; with data collected for 20 days. The report presents data collected on flows, routes, departure, destination and demographic profiles of travellers observed at the FMPs. 




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