Europe — Mixed Migration Flows to Europe, Quarterly Overview (Jul - Sep 2018)

Between July and September 2018, a total of 45,092 migrants and refugees arrived in Europe, 14 per cent more than the 39,402 registered in the second quarter and two and a half times the 18,956 registered in the first three months of the year. More than a half (53%) of arrivals were registered as land and sea arrivals to Spain (24,361). Greece has received the second largest caseload of arrivals (14,226), three times more than 4,447 arrivals registered in Italy during this reporting period (July – September 2018). At the end of September 2018, there were estimated 3,9 million foreign nationals present in Turkey seeking international protection. Majority of them are Syrians under temporary protection (3,567,658). At the end of September there were 1,519,234 internally displaced persons (IDPs) registered in Ukraine.



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