Djibouti — Migration Trends Dashboard 4 (November 2021)

21 Dec 2021 Djibouti Round 4 Download

This dashboard presents the main migration trends observed in Djibouti in November 2021. It aims to provide an overview of the main mobility trends in Djibouti, through both quantitative and qualitative analyses, obtained from several data collection tools developed by IOM Djibouti.

This dashboard includes:

  • A monthly update on the key data obtained through the Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) at the 10 active Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) in Djibouti;
  • Key data on spontaneous returns from Yemen and movements observed between Djibouti and Ethiopia;
  • Anmonthly update on the profile, vulnerabilities, migratory experience and intentions of the migrants surveyed through the Flow Monitoring Surveys (FMS);
  • An update on the presence of migrants stranded in Djibouti.


DTM Djibouti,