Chad — Logone Oriental and Moyen-Chari — Displacement Report Round 2 (October — November 2019) 

26 Feb 2020 Chad Round 2 Download
This report gives an overview of the return situation in Logone Oriental and Moyen-Chari provinces in the south of Chad, where Chadian nationals arrived as a result of the crisis in the Central African Republic (CAR). The International Organization for Migration (IOM) deployed the DTM in these two provinces in February 2019, to obtain accurate and comprehensive information on the displacements caused by this crisis. This tool collects information on the numbers and profiles of returnees in these provinces, as well as their living conditions, needs and vulnerabilities. This report provides the results of assessments conducted between 9 October and 13 November 2019 in 88 localities in the two provinces. The assessments identified 77,650 returnees in 17,413 households. Most returnees (61%) live in sites, the most important ones being Maïngama, Danamadja, Sido Est and Kobiteye.