Chad — Lac — Displacement Dashboard 10 (January —February 2020)

01 Apr 2020 Chad Round 10 Download

For more than five years, Chad and other countries of the Lake Chad Basin (Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria) have been the targets of attacks by armed groups that have caused significant internal and cross-border population displacements. In Chad, IOM has been implementing the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) since May 2015 in the Lac Province to gather updates on the number, profiles and needs of populations displaced due to this crisis, in order to inform humanitarian and development programmes. Data is collected from key informants at the villages and sites hosting displaced populations. This dashboard presents key results from Round 10 of DTM assessments carried out between 15 January and 26 February 2020 in 204 displacement locations. During data collection, a 23 per cent increase in the number of displaced persons was observed compared to the previous round. This increase results from the rise in the frequency of attacks by Non-State Armed Groups. It is also explained by the expansion of the geographic coverage of DTM assessments during this round (204 assessed locations during this round, compared to 184 during Round 9).


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