Chad — Flow Monitoring Survey Report (April — June 2020)

01 Sep 2020 Chad Round 7 Download

This report presents key findings from individual surveys carried out with 1,540 travellers aged between 14 and 69, at three Flow Monitoring Points (FMPs) located in northern Chad (Faya, Zouarké and Ounianga Kébir) between April and June 2020. The objective of this report is to better understand the profiles, migration backgrounds and needs of migrants passing through these FMPs.

Among the travellers surveyed at the three FMPs, 95 per cent were men, 97 per cent were Chadian nationals and 75 per cent were married. One per cent of them were minors between 15 and 17 years old, and less than 1 per cent were aged 60 or older. In addition, the great majority of interviewees (91%) intended to go to Chad, and more than half of them (52%) were travelling for economic reasons.

It should be kept in mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has had major consequences on mobility to, from and within the Republic of Chad, notably during data collection. While this report does not present specific analysis on COVID-19, it nevertheless attempts to highlight the possible impacts of the pandemic and resulting mobility restrictions on the data hereby presented.


DTM Chad,