Chad — Flow Monitoring Survey Report — Women on the Move in Northern Chad (April 2018 — September 2019)

04 Mar 2020 Chad Download

Migration in West and Central Africa is a phenomenon that is predominantly associated with being young and male. According to this perception, there is an assumption that migrants are mainly young men, seeking economic opportunities. However, the Flow Monitoring Registry (FMR) activities in northern Chad, which began in 2017, show that a significant proportion of travellers are women (18% in 2018 and 22% in 2019), who migrate for a variety of reasons – not just to rejoin their families. In fact, it is common to encounter women who travel independently for economic reasons, to support their families, as well as to join other family members. Thus, the types of migration flows carried out by women are quite diverse.


As such, this report aims to provide an insight into the profiles, migratory experiences, motivations, intentions and needs of female mobile populations in northern Chad.



DTM Chad,