Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool Report 149 — Displacement in the Hadjer-Lamis Province (23-25 September 2022)

30 Sep 2022 Chad Download

Due to an armed attack which occurred on 16 September 2022 by armed groups in the locality of Naira (sous-préfecture of Karal, department of Dagana), contributing to the decline of the  security situation in this province, 473 households (3,485 individuals) of the host population, were forced to leave the villages of Kilia, Magué, Naira and Roumaye (located in the same sous-préfecture). These people took refuge in the villages of Hilé Djogala, Baltrame, Karga and Malmouri 2 (same sous-préfecture) on 16 and 17 September 2022


DTM Chad,