Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool Report 148 — Farmers and herders' conflict in Lac Iro, Province of Moyen-Chari (23 September 2022)

28 Sep 2022 Chad Download

Following agro-pastoralist clashes, which occurred between 12 and 13 September 2022 in the département of Lac Iro (Moyen Chari province), 600 households (3,667 individuals) were displaced from the cantons of Ngoundé, Singakoh and Ballet (Département of Lac Iro), to seek refuge in the town of Kyabé (the capital of the département of Lac Iro) on foot and by truck. In addition to displacement, these clashes caused considerable damage to houses, millet, peanuts and rice fields incurred, the death of 48 individuals and the loss of non-food items and personal valuables.


DTM Chad,