Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool Report 135 (26 February-20 March 2022)

31 Mar 2022 Chad Download

The objective of the Emergency Tracking Tool (ETT) is to collect information on large and sudden population movements. This dashboard provides information on movements which occurred on 26 february, 14, 17 and 20 March 2022, in four sites in the Lake Province.​

​On 26 February 2022, due to increasing insecurity in their place of residence, 408 households (1576 individuals) preventively left the village of Koubaya (sous-prefecture of Ngouboua, department of Kaya) and took refuge in the site of Kaya Boulla, sous-prefecture of Liwa, department of Fouli.​

​On 14 March 2022, 217 households (850 individuals) preventively left the village of Dlakayarom (sous-prefecture of Liwa) and moved to the Tchoukou ngaram site, located in the same sous-prefecture.​

​On 17 March 2022, following an attack carried out on 9 March 2022 in the village of Daoularam by non-state armed groups, 500 households (1,786 individuals) left the village of Tchoukou tchouloum (Bagasola sous-prefecture) and took refuge in the Dilerom karounga site (same sous-prefecture).​

​Due to the increasing kidnappings conducted by non-state armed groups on 20 March 2022, 86 households (300 individuals) made up of IDPs left the village of Kolla, located in the Ngouboua sous-prefecture, and took refuge in the Ngouboua koura 2 site (same sous-prefecture).​


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