Chad — Emergency Tracking Tool Report 134 (19-27 March 2022)

01 Apr 2022 Chad Download

Between March 19 and 27, 2022, as a result of movement restrictions in northern Chad issued by local authorities, 252 migrants were stranded 45 kilometers north of the town of Faya (Borkou Province).  Data collected from the registration of these 252 people indicated that they are Chadian (92%) and Sudanese (8%) nationals and that they came mostly from the Wadi Fira (39%) and Ouaddaï (11%) provinces in Chad. Thirty-six minors were also identified and registered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM distributed 252 kits containing food, mats, and charcoal, but there is still an urgent need for assistance in food, health care, and transportation. ​

According to local authorities, as well as the 252 registered migrants, about 148 additional migrants were stranded in the same locality on 29 March 2022 after IOM-led registration and assistance distribution took place.


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