Central Mozambique — Multi-Sectorial Location Assessment (Tropical Cyclone Eloise Aftermath) Report 20 (April 2021)

16 Aug 2021 Mozambique Round 20 Download

From 16 March to 14 April 2021, in close coordination with Mozambique’s National Institute for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction (INGD), International Organization for Migration (IOM)’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) teams conducted multi-sectoral location assessments (MSLA) in resettlement sites hosting internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the four provinces affected by Cyclone Idai (March 2019) and floods (between December 2019 and February 2020).

The assessments were carried out following Tropical Cyclone Eloise, which hit the central region of Mozambique on 23 January 2021. The most affected districts were Buzi, Dondo Nhamatanda, and Chibabava in Sofala province. Around 8,755 families in the resettlement sites had their tents and shelters destroyed/partially destroyed as a result of Tropical Cyclone Eloise.


DTM Mozambique, DTMMozambique@iom.int