Cameroon — Flow Monitoring Point Report 9 (August 2020)

21 Sep 2020 Cameroon Download

Over the course of the month 27 days of data collection), a total of 12 932 individuals were identified at the Kousseri Flow Monitoring Point, or a daily average of 479 individuals Compared to the month of July 2020 (during which 13 103 individuals, or a daily average of 504 individuals, were identified) this figure represents a decrease of 5 per cent This reduction in flows may be explained by the resumption of agricultural activities during harvesting season, as well as the poor state of roads following heavy rains, which led to a reduction in travel between Kousseri and the rest of the country In addition, large flows to and from Chad were observed throughout the month these reflect the movement of students to Chad to sit year end exams, as well as their movement back to Cameroon once the exam period was over Students were authorized to cross the Chadian border thanks to an agreement between Cameroon and Chad, which still required candidates to submit to a COVID test before crossing the border.


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