Cameroon — Displacement Report 15 (3—15 September 2018)

05 Dec 2018 Cameroon Download

This report presents information on the displacement situation in the Far North Region of Cameroon. Data was collected between 3-15 September 2018. The displaced population is estimated at 387,035 individuals (244,347 IDPs, 41,763 out of camp refugees and 100,925 returnees). 806 villages were evaluated including 4 new villages. 66 uninhabited villages were identified. 94.4% of the target population is displaced due to armed conflict in the Region and 5.3% is displaced due to flooding and other climatic factors. Less then 1% of displacements are due to other non-specifid reasons. 50% of the displaced population is male and 50% is female. 65% are under 18 years old, while 3% are 60 years old or older. 43% of those displaced live with host families, 23% live in spontaneous sites, 18% returned to their original dwelling, 132 live in rental homes, and one per cent live in collective centers.


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