Bangladesh – Bangladeshi Migrants Presence in Libya – March-April 2020

24 Nov 2021 Bangladesh Download

According to available data from the Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in Libya compiled in the following snapshot by the DTM REMAP project, funded by the European Union (EU), 19,710 Bangladeshi nationals were identified through DTM’s baseline Mobility Tracking module in Libya between March and April 2020. Mobility Tracking in Libya gathers data through key informant interviews at both the municipality and community level on a bi-monthly basis. All 100 municipalities were assessed, and 2,170 key informant interviews were carried out during the data collection period. Of the total migrants identified by key informants in the country in March and April 2020, Bangladeshi migrants made up only three per cent of total migrants in the country; however, Bangladeshi nationals accounted for 43 per cent of all migrants, including refugees, from South Asia and the Middle East. Ninety-seven per cent of Bangladeshi migrants used air travel as their means of transportation to Libya. In addition, the average cost of their migration was 3,395 USD2. Seventy-four percent of Bangladeshi migrants were identified in western Libya, with Tripoli having the highest (33%) concentration of Bangladeshi nationals, followed by Misrata (11%) and Ejdabia (11%)



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