Afghanistan — Emergency Event Tracking Kabul Province (1 December - 19 December 2021)

02 Feb 2022 Afghanistan Download

IOM Afghanistan identified 93,631 internally displaced persons (IDPs) who were displaced to or arrived in Kabul province since August 2021 during Round 3 of the Emergency Event Tracking (EET) exercise. Most IDPs arrived in urban communities (82%), while the remaining are displaced in rural (14%) and peri-urban (3%) communities throughout Kabul province.

From 1 to 19 December 2021, DTM teams conducted Round 31 of the EET to capture movement dynamics in Afghanistan following episodes of drought and rapid political transformations that occurred in 2021. During Round 3, DTM teams assessed 550 communities in 15 districts in Kabul province. The data presented in the report is a snapshot of the current displacement situation from the above-mentioned observation period and provides the latest and best available information from EET sources up until 19 December 2021.


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