Ukraine Response


Feb 07 2023 Print

Since the start of the war in Ukraine in February 2022, IOM has worked to provide direct assistance to affected populations but has also provided a better understanding of these individuals’ situations, aiming at improving and consolidating the crisis response efforts undertaken by IOM, governments, and the international community.

IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) programme seeks to understand where affected people are, their most urgent needs, and their intentions for the coming period. IOM has conducted surveys across Ukraine and the region, providing crucial insights to inform evidence-based humanitarian actions and policy.

Inside Ukraine, IOM has implemented consecutive rounds of representative general population survey since March 2022, tracking internal displacement and mobility flows. This survey gathers insights into the situation and needs of vulnerable population groups across thematic areas, applying intersectoral approach to collect information. IOM has also built a field presence and a network of key informants across 20 regions of Ukraine and the capital city, monitoring the recorded presence of IDPs at municipality level through regular baseline assessments.

Furthermore, IOM has conducted a number of studies in neighbouring to Ukraine countries: Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia to survey the needs and intentions of those fleeing from the war and those crossing back to Ukraine. In addition to this, IOM has enlarged the scope of the DTM tool to assess the situation concerning Ukrainian refugees and Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) that continued their onwards journey and reached further destinations in Europe: Czechia, the Baltics, Western Balkans as well as Belgium, Germany, and France.

Through IOM’s assessments, governments and the humanitarian community are able to quickly identify the needs, movements, and intentions of affected persons and to further consolidate humanitarian interventions in support of the internally displaced populations in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian refugees and TCNs fleeing from war to other countries in Europe

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